Forest School

Forest School activities are followed up in the classroom providing inspiration to help children develop their writing skills.

At Furzefield, all of our children benefit from Forest School provision. We have our own Forest School area and room on the school site and we also use nearby Furzefield Wood.

Our reception classes enjoy regular Forest School sessions on their activity days. The activities are closely linked to the topic they are studying at the time. We always make something to eat or drink on a campfire and there is time for children to enjoy free play and exploration.

All other year groups enjoy a sequence of three Forest School sessions in a row linked to another area of study. For example, year 5 engage in observation and awareness activities, campfire cooking, shelter building and archery linked to their study of Robin Hood in their English lessons.

In addition to this, the children enjoy at least 2 other sessions at different times of the year so they can experience exploring and learning outdoors during different seasons.

Safety at Forest School

School Safety is very important at Forest School.

  • Clear safety procedures are in place
  • Activities are carefully risk assessed
  • Forest School leaders are trained in first aid in an outdoor setting
  • Children are closely supervised

What are the benefits?

  • It builds children’s confidence and self-esteem as they are responsible for making their own decisions and are carefully supported to achieve this
  • It supports all areas of the curriculum in an exciting, hands-on way
  • It develops communication and social skills. It develops knowledge, skills, interests and understanding through practical, hands-on experiences
  • Children enjoy meeting and overcoming challenges at their own pace

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