Special Educational Needs (SEND)

Pupils with Special Educational Needs are supported within the normal classroom environment, but may also work in an ability group, supported by a teacher and teaching assistants. A range of outside agencies including educational psychology, learning and language support, speech and language therapists provide advice, support and guidance. Our Inclusion Manager (SENCO) is Mrs Jones and her telephone number is 01737 642842, or email: inclusion@furzefield.surrey.sch.uk.

Specialist Centre

Furzefield has an on-site Specialist Centre for pupils with learning difficulties, which is called the Ocean Centre and currently has places for 14 primary aged children. Most of the Ocean Centre’s pupils live outside the school’s catchment area and travel to school by taxi or school bus.

Pupils attending the Ocean Centre are taught in small classes.  The curriculum, teaching approaches and classroom resources are adapted to the needs of the pupils. The children’s day is integrated between the Ocean centre and their mainstream class so that they feel part of the school and have opportunities to make lots of friends.


Children with a physical disability are fully supported in accessing all parts of the school. The school has two flat-bed lifts and several ramps to allow wheelchair access to the majority of the school. One of the accessible toilets has a changing bed in it. All interior areas of school are fully accessible apart from the four top floor classrooms. The classes are arranged each year to ensure that wheelchair users have easy access to the classrooms they need.