School Clubs

At Furzefield we offer a wide array of clubs at lunchtimes and after school.

We are always keen to offer new clubs to our pupils – if you have the time and experience to try out a new club please let us know.


MondayFrench (£/Lunchtime)2- 6Madame Edwards
MV Coaching (£)2-4Mark Veaney
Choir3-6Mrs Barber, Mrs Grogan, Miss Kothe
TuesdayMulti Skills (AM)3-4Mr Grogan
Doodle Club (Lunchtime)5-6Mrs Turner, Miss Walker
Skills School (£)1-2Luke Taylor
Dance5-6Miss Triance
WednesdayMorning Book Club (8am)4Miss Fitze
Philosophy Café (lunchtime)1&4Miss Fitze
Boys Football3-6Mr Grogan & Mrs Burch
Dance3-4Miss Triance
ThursdayMorning Book Club (8am)5Miss Fitze
Doodle Club (lunchtime)3-4Miss Fitze
Coding4-5Miss Murphy
Girls Football3-6Mr Grogan & Mrs Burch
FridayNetball4-6Mrs Turner, Miss Walker