Ocean Specialist Centre

Our 14 place Specialist Centre is called the Ocean Centre. Currently all children attending the centre are in KS2  It caters for children who have moderate learning needs (MLD) as their prime area of need.  This type of centre is more suited to children who benefit from learning and socialising part of the time in a mainstream school, but who are unable to progress satisfactorily without the more personalised teaching and learning in small groups provided in a specialist centre in a mainstream school.

Specialist centres for learning and additional needs (LAN)

These specialist centres are designed to meet the needs of children with general moderate learning difficulties who will benefit from attending mainstream classes and social contact with their peers in mainstream schools. To achieve their educational outcomes they also require regular additional specialist support in small groups in a quiet setting away from mainstream school.

What do specialist LAN centres offer children?

  • Small group work and one-to-one learning in a calm and quiet class setting.
  • A structured and enabling environment with additional strategies to support pupil understanding.
  • Speech and language interventions built into the school day with individualised programmes as required.
  • Emphasis on supporting independence.
  • A sense of belonging within the whole school community.

What is special about the teaching and curriculum?

  • A personalised curriculum with learning divided between the specialist centre and mainstream classroom learning.
  • Access to a national curriculum modified to meet the needs of the individual.
  • The curriculum is based on the whole needs of the pupil with effective communication and promoting independence as key principles.
  • Emphasis on language enrichment.
  • Individual sensory needs met with the advice of an occupational therapist.
  • Designated calming areas and safe spaces offered for children who need time and space to manage their emotions.
  • Teaching of play, leisure and social skills.
  • Preparation for secondary education through development of independence and life skills.
  • Qualified and experienced teaching staff working closely with therapists and other specialists to support pupils in achieving individual targets.

LAN specialist centres support children with:

  • Moderate learning difficulties.
  • A slower pace of learning than their peers.
  • Possible additional needs (such as physical disability or sensory impairment, autism and communication needs).

NOTE: The decision around LAN special school or specialist centre will depend on whether the child will benefit from mainstream teaching alongside their mainstream peers.

Each learner has access to the National Curriculum which is highly differentiated to take account of particular needs and modified to provide a personalised approach. Individual Support Plans (ISPs) have targets to support each child at their stage of learning and are linked to outcomes on their EHCP’s (Eucational Health Care Plans.) We promote a calm and positive environment where every child is valued and every step in learning celebrated. Our staff team know the children very well and adapt arrangements to maximize learning. We work closely with parents and carers.

Each child belongs to a mainstream class. They work in the centre in the mornings and integrate with mainstream in the afternoons, where appropriate, with support. The children in centre benefit from attending their classes and regular social interaction with their mainstream peers. Withdrawal to access additional specialist support may be required in order to successfully achieve their educational outcomes.

Through the additional support available in the Specialist Centre, children will gain strategies to develop increasing independence in line with their personal development.

We have good access to the building and facilities for disabled users, including two flat-bed lifts and several ramps to allow wheelchair access to the majority of the school. We utilise specialist equipment, including Occupational Therapy resources. We work closely with professional agencies such as Physical and Sensory Support Services, Occupational Therapy, Surrey County Council’s Moving and Handling Advisor, Physiotherapists and Speech and Language Therapists, monitoring and advising on provision for our learners.

Visits to the centre are welcomed. Please contact the school and ask to speak to Mrs B Morgan, Head of Centre.