with Mr Cookson

Online access

Go to the Scratch website.  I recommend using Google Chrome, as it doesn’t work with every browser.

You can type in the website https://scratch.mit.edu/ or search ‘scratch‘.

Once you are in, click on ‘create‘ at the top to start creating!

Now you are ready for some lessons.

In these videos, I will begin to show you how to make the classic 1985 game Super Mario Bros.

Before you start, you may want to save the digital resources to your personal folder.  You can do this by right clicking on the item (e.g. Mario) and selecting ‘Save image as…’.  Once have done this, you can choose where to save the item.  For the sound effect, you will need to select ‘Save link as…’


Video 1 – an introduction to Super Mario Bros.

Video 2 – beginning to use Scratch

Time to open up Scratch and bring in your sprites.

In this case, I’m talking about Mario and the brick.

Once this is done, you can start to program your game.

Video 3 – walking right and left (and debugging)


Video 4 – jumping and gravity

This is the complete code, all in one place.

Extension ideas:

  • Can you add more characters?
  • Can you use your own characters?
  • Can you get Mario to collect some items?
  • The world is your oyster.  The only limit is your imagination, so think big, big, big!