RRS – Rights Respecting Schools

At Furzefield Primary School, we believe that all children should be educated and grow up in a world that supports, nourishes and upholds their rights. The United Nations Convention of the Right of the Child states that every child around the world has rights; entitled from birth and enshrined in  international law. For example; ‘Education should develop each child’s personality and talents to the full.’ At Furzefield, we celebrate achievements both personally and within larger groups, we encourage children to join extra-curricular clubs and develop their talents to their highest potential. Every child has unique qualities that are able to be shared with confidence and pride.

Children at FPS, are working towards learning about their rights (via cross-curricular links), how to respect their own rights and others’ and understand that many children around the world are not having their needs met.

We hope that RRS enables our pupils learn how to better respect themselves and others in our local and wider communities. Supporting each other to become the best possible citizens that we can be. By embedding RRS into our school ethos, we plan to achieve the RRS Level 2 award in the coming years. We achieved our Recognition of Commitment during the summer term, last year and are on our way to achieve Level 1!